The Good Acre

The Good Acre

Growing engagement presence and opportunities for a really good cause
A collection of Good Guide pages

Design: Branding, Infographics. Newsletter

The Good Acre is a food hub, CSA program, and community kitchen with around 300 members who were looking to be more aware and involved. I compile, design, and secure printing for a member newsletter and work with their communications staff to create social media campaign graphics. This place rules and you should check it out!

  • Brand extension
  • Infographics/iconography
  • Vegetable facts
A collection of Good Guide covers
The Good Acre mission statement

Mixing and matching

Before creating any individual infographics I solidified the color palette, font choices, and a selection of standard graphic elements. The final pieces are cohesive, ready for social media, and even stackable to create more elaborate designs.

Top three reasons infographics
Circular statistic infographics
Math formula style infographics
Three infographics for The Good Acre

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